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The Potter's Clay

Scripture, Theology, the Christian worldview, and other ramblings.

31 March 2005

Does God need any of us?

What! he who guides the stars, and keeps them revolving intheir orbits by the motions of his fingers, does he need aninsignificant atom like one of ourselves to serve him?

What! he whom all the hosts of angels do worship, and beforewhose throne the cherubim do veil their faces with their wings,does he need a tiny creature like man to give him homage andreverence?

If he did need men, he could soon create as many mighty kingsand princes as he pleased to wait upon him, and he could havecrowned heads to bow before his footstool, and emperors toconduct him through the world in triumph. But he needs not men;he can do without them if he pleases.

O you stars! you are bright; but you are not the lamps whichlight the way of God; he needs you not.

O sun! you are bright; but your heat warms not Jehovah.

O earth! you are beautiful; but your beauty is not needed togladden his heart; God is glad enough without you.

O you lightnings! though you write his name in fire upon themidnight darkness, he needs not your brightness.

And you, wild ocean! you are mighty; but though you hymnhis deep praise in your solemn chorus, your storms do not add to his glory.

You winds! though you attend the march of God across thepathless ocean; — you thunders! though you utter God’svoice in terrible majesty, and track the onward progress ofthe God of armies, he needs you not.

He is great without you, great beyond you, great above you;and, as he needs you not, he needs us not.

--C.H. Spurgeon


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