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The Potter's Clay

Scripture, Theology, the Christian worldview, and other ramblings.

12 June 2005

Prayer for Matt

Please be in prayer for my good friend Matt Pearson. On Monday, the 13th, he is having back surgery to repair a disc that is basically toast. It should be a routine surgery, but one never knows when dealing with the nervous system. After the surgery, he will have about eight weeks of bedrest before he can get going again.

The surgery will be around 10:30 AM PDT. Please ask God to give Matt and his family comfort during this time. I will post an update once I hear more...

In Christ,


Blogger Doug said...

Joe, How did Matt's surgery go? Doug

15 June, 2005 22:36  
Blogger JIBBS said...

Hey guys..

Thanks much for the prayers. Everything is good, I feel so much better now. I'm going a bit stir crazy not being able to work, but only have 6 weeks of healing left to do. I really hope we can get together soon. Are you still doing Monday nights? I'm able to do that now that I can drive again. Joe, give me a call at home or on my cell. Home 8753643 Cell 2305868 By the way, I watched a movie yesterday that is probably the best war movie I've ever seen. It's right in the camp of "To End All Wars". It is called "Saints and Soldiers" and is definitely worth setting a date for a Saturday afternoon like we did before. It's an amazing movie with a very powerful and positive message. One of my fav's of all time. Anyway, take care!

In Christ,

22 June, 2005 19:29  

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