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The Potter's Clay

Scripture, Theology, the Christian worldview, and other ramblings.

13 September 2005

The One Thing Necessary - Pt. 4

3. The possibility of this work

The third reason why we should put forth so much vigour about the work of salvation is because of the possibility of the work. Impossibility kills all endeavour. Who will take pains for that which he thinks there is no hope of ever obtaining? But "there is hope in Israel concerning this." Salvation is a thing feasible; it may be had. Oh Christians, though the gate of paradise be strait, yet the gate is open! It is shut against the devils, but it is yet open to you. Who would not crowd hard to get in? It is but paring off your sins; it is but unloading some of your thick clay; it is but assuaging the swelling humour of your pride, and you may get in at the strait gate. This possibility, nay probability, of salvation may put life into your endeavour. If there be corn to be had, why should you sit starving in your sins any longer?

--Thomas Watson

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