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The Potter's Clay

Scripture, Theology, the Christian worldview, and other ramblings.

19 October 2005

Reformation Theology - A Monergism Blog

By far my favorite website on earth is Monergism.com. I have learned more about the Christian faith via that website than all others combined. John Hendryx has spent countless hours on his website and book store, all for God's glory. So, when I saw he launched a blog, I was stoked. Check it out and support this great addition to the blogosphere.

Reformation Theology Blog


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monergism is the best resource out there! And, a new Blog!
Plus +
Maybe Hendrix could fill in for Jibbs (He told us he's not dead! So he say's)as a ghost writer! Obviously John Hendrix doesn't have anything else to do! Like the guy on the Ed Sullivan show that spuns the wobbley plate on the stick!
God Bless You and The Misses Joe!

20 October, 2005 03:09  

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