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The Potter's Clay

Scripture, Theology, the Christian worldview, and other ramblings.

16 March 2006

O that dreadful house-idol

John Flavel, "The Fountain of Life" 1671

O that dreadful house-idol--myself!

We have need to be redeemed from ourselves,
as much as from the devil and the world!

I would like to make a sweet bargain, and shuffle
out self, and substitute Christ my Lord in place of
myself! Not I, but Christ! Not my will, but Christ's!
Not my ease, not my lusts, not my home--but Christ,

O wretched idol, myself! When shall I see you wholly
cast out--and Christ wholly put in your place?


Blogger Rick Potter said...

Hi Joe,

Your subject matter is one I've been thinking alot about lately. I recently read a quote by Flavel:

"....if a sinner’s penitential tears were as numberless as all the drops of rain that have fallen since the Creation, they could not wash away a single sin."

Thanks for the post.


18 March, 2006 22:47  

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