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The Potter's Clay

Scripture, Theology, the Christian worldview, and other ramblings.

18 June 2005

He has rescued us

"The human heart is most deceitful and desperately
wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?" Jer. 17:9

"For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,)
dwells no good thing." Romans 7:18

There is nothing in man by nature apart from
God, which is not vile and deceitful.

If there is anything good in me,
if I have been transformed by the renewing of my mind,
if I am regenerate,
if I have passed from death unto life,
if I have been taken out of the family of Satan,
if I am adopted into the family of God's dear Son,
if I am now no longer an heir of wrath,
if I am a now a child of heaven,
then all these things are of God, and in no sense,
and in no degree whatever, are they of myself!

"For He has rescued us from the kingdom of
darkness and has brought us into the Kingdom
of His dear Son." Colossians 1:13

--C.H. Spurgeon


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