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The Potter's Clay

Scripture, Theology, the Christian worldview, and other ramblings.

19 March 2006

Sweet 16 Bound

It'll be Huskies vs. Huskies in DC. Should be a great game. UConn better be ready for the REAL player of the year, Brandon Roy. The guy does it all.


Blogger Mike Perrigoue said...

That game was an emotional rollercoaster! My in-laws had to peel me off of the ceiling when it was all said and done. I was so crazy, that a dance has been named after me by father-in-law, to which I heard him telling my daughter, "do the Daddy-Victory-Dance!", when Gonzaga won their game too. Gonzaga's win was cool, but not crazy dance worthy. I only boogie down for the Huskies!!!

Bring it on UCONN!


19 March, 2006 22:09  

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